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Qualities of a Good Cannabis Dispensary Worker

In a Marijuana dispensary,the most important position is that of the budtender,for the simple reason that this person is the face of the business.

A person who has no regard for customer service should never think of starting a career where a lot of time will be spent entertaining customers,such as in a bar,a restaurant or in a legal Marijuana dispensary.

Some of the qualities that make for a great cannabis dispensary attendant are having a great personality,possessing excellent product knowledge in addition to having real passion for cannabis.

If you really desire to work in a Marijuana dispensary,you must have a great attitude coupled with a strong work ethic as this job has its own unique challenges.

The information that follows will be found quite helpful to any person looking to join the community of workers who earn their daily bread making the lives of cannabis dispensary patients fun and exciting.

One needs to become very deeply knowledgeable of all things medical cannabis. You need to understand how every product was made and even where it was grown. You may want to diligently find information on what specific strains the dispensary is passionate about,and this is information you can easily gather from their current employees as well as from the dispensary’s website.

Read industry related publications that write about what is new and trending within the industry,know what products have been created recently. Reading on industry news and trends in industry blogs and following knowledgeable social media influencers will help you remain sufficiently current and will make you appear like the right candidate during the dispensary job interview. It helps a lot to grasp the actual difference between BHP and CO2 extraction,believe me.

Good cannabis dispensary workers have outstanding story telling skills. If a customer hears you tell a personal story about how you felt powerful,alive and energetic and performed a task that you had been putting off for a while,they are not likely to be left in doubt as to whether they want to purchase a certain strain of grass.

May be you feel like you are not yet there when it comes to the position of the budtender but you could also ask for a different position and then try to learn all that is required to become an excellent budtender in the dispensary,as you wait for vacancies to be announced again in future.

With these,it wont really take that long before you can find the dispensary job you seek.