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Steps to Take When Writing an Affidavit

An affidavit is a statement that is put in writing by a person to help with a case hearing, mainly done through an oath or affirmation. The primary purpose as to why an affidavit is done is to add evidence in a case which is reliable just like any information that can be put before the court.There are steps that one should follow in writing a proper affidavit that would be held reliable in a court of law. The heading of an affidavit should be seen from afar where it is supposed to indicate the place where the court is to be held, the names of the defendant and the case number.This The document should also entail the name ‘AFFIDAVIT’ below the heading of the document. The heading goes as the first agenda and then the second agenda is writing ones personal information which includes the name of the person, the address of the affiant, the job occupation and the marital status if need be.For The affidavit to start one is required to write the full affiant name where this is the person that swears to an affidavit. The statement of the affidavit must be presented in a way that it shows no prejudice but the whole facts about the case when presented before a judge.One should write the statements using facts and not opinions which should be stated in numbers for easier referencing in court.

Each and every fact should be well put in its paragraph with letters such as ‘I’ signifying that the person who did the affidavit is reliable for the facts. There are times where the affidavit can provide facts that are interlinking and cannot be separated from one another, such cases will be helped by the affiant outlining each fact well but in the same paragraph. The different facts that are provided by the affidavit should have supportive documents and dates and addresses to verify the truth of the affiant. Affidavit can provide information that can help a person to be put behind bars for a long time thus they require people who are honest, and in this case the person here should swear of talking the truth through an oath. One should not forget to put a block that shows the signature of the affidavit.You should make sure when signing the document there’s a notary in the present that will also help in legitimizing the statements in being facts and nothing else. The notary as well should provide his/ her signature at the bottom following the signature of the affiant.