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Tips and Things to Consider in Buying the Ideal Lawn Mower

It’s every homeowner’s dream to maintain a freshly cut and clean lawn. Unfortunately, making it possible is easier said than done. Unless you have your own gardener or someone you pay to maintain it, you’re faced with the responsibility of taking care of it on your own. Good news though is that there is a more efficient way to get the job done and that is by way of buying and using a dependable lawn mower.

However, you can’t just choose any lawn mower out there since you first will need to figure out what your specific needs are before you can pick the best variety. First things first, know the different types.

Types of Lawn Mowers

1 – Manual Reel Mower

Yes, there’s no denying that a manual reel mower is the oldest type, but many homeowners still prefer using it simply because of two reasons: it is affordable and environment-friendly. Since there is no engine, the way it works is that you will push it so for the circular blades to rotate and cut grass.

2 – Electric

You should be seriously considering an electric lawn mower because of two reasons: first, it is quiet and second, it needs very low maintenance. There also are two types of electric lawn mowers, the cordless and corded variant. But since electric lawn mowers are not designed to be extra powerful, it means you only choose it if you have a small or averaged size yard and if your lawn has a flat surface.

3 – Gas Powered Mowers

Lastly, a gas lawn mower is the one you should be focusing on if you have a very wide lawn or large yard, which means you need the most power to cover more ground. But with greater power means higher maintenance and operational costs, plus the fact that it is pricier to buy.

Essential Features

Once you’re done determining which type is best for your specific needs, it’s about time to dig in a little deeper on the features.

1 – Speed Control

A lot of homeowners want their lawn mowers to have a speed control option because it allows them to mow their lawns or yards faster or slower, depending on the situation. But then again, you can’t expect a manual reel mower to come equipped with this feature.

2 – Mulching Feature

The best thing about a mulching option in a lawn mower is that it allows you to cut grass into fine clippings, the purpose of which is for them to conveniently sift back to the surface of the soil.

3 – Cutting Width

Lastly, try to find a lawn mower with a wider cutting width option so that you get to finish the job faster since you no longer have to do so many passes.

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