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How to Take Care of Your Little One

A child is not a bought thing, but a created being in the image of God. No prior training to what they will want, what they look like, what they are allergic to or which color is their favorite.Unlike all other high valued things that come with an instruction guide to ensure that you will use them properly and avoid damage.

Our God-given instincts come into place and ensure that we raise them to be great people and help them in exploring who they are. At times we get guidance from those who have parented before.Below are some tips that will help you in raising your little champion.

Giving your baby food

Feeding and getting enough sleep are the main activities a newborn is involved in most. Feed them at least three feeds in a day.But pediatricians prescribe that it should be fed as frequent as they ask for milk. You can do so by giving formula milk or breastfeeding them.Do not decide on which feeding program for your baby without consulting a pediatrician. When breastfeeding it is recommended to do so for 6 months exclusively and up to 2 years of age by WHO.Breast milk ensure your child has the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and boosts their immunity. Do not worry about your privacy in public for there are covers to help I cover you up.

Conducive sleeping atmosphere

Getting enough sleep is critical for children.This is because it helps in their growth and development. A young one should rest for at least 18 hours within a 24 hour period. As they grow the sleeping hours reduce. You should ensure there crib or cot is clean with a mosquito net and with enough bedding.

Giving them a bath

Ensure you bath your baby at least two times in a week to prevent them from smelling dirty. The water should be at the right temperature and the soap should be mild. The room from which you are bathing your child should not be cold to avoid getting them sick. Apply them some moisturizing oil or cream that is recommended for children. Dress them accordingly considering the weather.

Change diapers regularly

Do not purchase diapers in bulk till you have ascertained that it is the one suitable for your child for all babies are different.
Babies require from 7 to 10 diaper changes in one day. Change them in a span of every four hours or earlier. Rashes appear once a soiled one is in contact with baby skin for long hence reacting with the skin.

Burping once the baby is done with feeding is vital. Have a physician who you can contact when need arises.

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