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What You Should Do in the Installation of a New Telephone System.

Telephone systems are a necessity for every company. Businesses are quire transiting from one system to another with time. The business might be installing a Voice over Internet Protocol, or a virtual or hosted PBX. The transition might not be effortless, but some guidelines may help you out.
Below are remarkable steps that you can follow to avoid disruptions when changing a telephone system.

First, you should not wait until the last minute to decide on upgrading a telephone system. Telephone systems take time to plan and install. A small telephone system might require up to three weeks preparation time, while a large one can take up to two months. Installing at a haste might mess up- some things. It is, therefore, neccesary that you take your time to plan, select the best VoIP provider, and then get it installed.

You should also categorize telephone lines in regards to their functions.
You should do this before getting an installation done. You should call the local Exchange Carriers to know their numbers. In case there is some confusion in the numbers, it is good to call them. You also ought to eliminate all the numbers that are not in use, and ensure that the PBX service can accommodate those required.

It is important that you know the phone circuit’s installation schedule.
Every type of telephone circuit needs a different hardware component in the telephone system. A vendor would also tell you whether some old circuits can be used in the new system.

Consider the requirements of all departments.
It is good that you get a telephone vendor who will consider all the department needs, and advice you on the right systems of each department.

In case different phones are being purchased, it is important that you decide prior, about who will use which type of phone. It is important that you consider the departmental needs before assigning the phone to anyone.

Prepare your network for VoIP telephones.
You should check the data network to confirm that it can hold the VoIP traffic. Other factors to consider in this is whether the system will be exposed to the internet or connected to a private network, the VPN or a session border controller.

Hold an implementation meeting with the vendors.
A meeting would put every person on the same page. You can set installation dates in the meeting. You may also know the time that would be required to do the installation, and everything you ought to know about the entire process.

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