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Useful Details On How To Make A Good Beef Jerky

Long time ago people used to preserve meat using traditional methods contrary to modern days where the act of making beef jerky has been commercialized. There are several ways in which a person can achieve a good beef jerky. It is important to take into consideration some of the tips that will help you come up with a great beef jerky.

It is essential to know how to select the meat that you want to use. Each meat piece is different from the other hence the need to choose the correct one. The fats are not good when we are preparing the beef jerky; therefore, it is important to use the meat that has low fats. When you are making the perfect beef jerky, it is advisable to avoid the meat with connective tissues as it will spoil the intended results. Fats and many connective tissues hinders one to come up with an attractive meat jerky. Make sure that you have selected the bottom round roast that is available at almost any local butchery around you. Remember that the kind of meat that you are going to use influences the kind of beef jerky that you are going to have.

Make sure that you have followed the correct steps while preparing the meat jerky. When you are cutting your jerky, make sure that you are careful so as to get perfect pieces. Ensure that the cuts are frozen first to about two-thirds as part of preparation. The intention of freezing the meat is to make it firm so that it can be sliced. The cuts should be across the grain of the muscle for a perfect slice. Take your time while cutting the slices as this will ensure that you have achieved the required size of the slice. Flavors will spread quickly on the thin meat as compared to when the slices are thick. Make sure that you have taken the meat back into the freezer when it starts to thaw and become hard and allow it to achieve the consistency that you desire.

The marinade preparation is another critical step that will help to determine the taste of your beef jerky. Make sure that you have selected the best marinade from the many flavor combination that is available in the market. Drying the meat is critical, and one can achieve it through open fire, sun, smoker or even oven as it plays a vital role in making the best beef jerky. Make sure that you are using the food dehydrator to dry the cuts as it helps to reduce the drying cost due to use minimal energy usage.
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