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Tips to Use When Traveling to Myanmar

Tourism is relatively new in Myanmar and this means that getting around might be tricky. Communication and understanding can be challenging and can be a struggle for most of the independent travelers. You will need local insight on the places to visit and activities to do and this is why you need to plan for a tour guide that is going to help you during your independent tour. Investing in long skirts and pants that are lightweight are some of the things that you must do before you travel to Myanmar. You will need lightweight clothing that will help you with the mosquitoes and also the sun because the weather is generally hot and steamy. Myanmar’s population is mostly Buddhist and it will be respectful if you cover up especially if you want to visit their places of worship.

One thing you will enjoy about Myanmar is that the tourist visas are speedy to process. You will only need $50 for 28 days and the application can be approved in a matter of days. Do not forget to carry the printout of the acceptance letter whether arriving or leaving Myanmar. It is important to note that the internet connectivity in Myanmar is not good. For the people that love posting to the social media, you will have to be patient with the slow internet. If you are into clubbing and partying, Myanmar will offer you other things apart from this.

You will tend to enjoy the local culture in the evenings or night markets. You will find many knockoffs in the market because Myanmar is famous for its precious stones and you ought to be careful. You need to ask for a receipt when you are interested in buying gems in Myanmar. Only buy these items from dealers licensed by the government so that you get certificates to show when leaving the country. Myanmar has its national language as Burmese and it has many dialects. It is useful if you learnt a few local phrases.

The local currency is known as kyat and you can exchange your currency for it. You need to note that the currency you have must be in pristine condition or they will not be accepted by the locals. It is advisable that you change the currency you have at the airport so that you get an easier time while dealing with the locals. Always have a backup plan even though you will find some places where they will allow you to use your credit cards. It is worth noting that they will not allow you to use traveler’s checks in Myanmar. Tipping will be highly appreciated by the locals in Myanmar but you do not have to. If you get good service, do not hesitate to tip the people that help you.

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