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Some Guidelines in Designing a Law Firm Website

Know that a solid design is important for a law firm website so that you will get the results that you want and that means drawing visitors and keeping them on your site. To be able to do this, you can follow some of these design tips that will boost the effectiveness of your website. You can unleash your creativity when following these not so difficult tips as it seems to be.

People who are in need of a lawyer generally have their mind and case on it, so it is better to stick with a simple website design. Note that a clean and easy to navigate website will lead your potential client to a better understanding of your services and will encourage the person to decide fast if you are the right lawyer for her or his situation. An example of a law firm that has established its website to this criteria is the firm of DeSalvo Law.

A website can be simplified by following these ideas, such as utilizing large headers and contrasting colors, shortening long paragraphs, using of white space to separate content, reducing the number of text, and by using powerful images to combine with your text in order to relay a message. Always bear in mind that the main goal of your website design is to be able to get to the point and communicate fast your message by being simple and direct.

Our next advice when you make your law firm website is to make it mobile friendly, and since designers know the negative impact of a complicated site on the search engine, they should be able to make it to this criteria. Be aware that studies have shown that smart phones are used in going online by 64{ffe38f65eed13d8111c150020ef61fbd4fc926a40f956f298c09f45841e65f25} of adult cell phone users and 34{ffe38f65eed13d8111c150020ef61fbd4fc926a40f956f298c09f45841e65f25} of mobile internet users, and this is a good reason to make your site mobile friendly. It is a fact that these percentages are increasing nowadays, and so if your law firm has a website that is not mobile friendly, the probability is you are losing already potential customers.

Another guideline to have an effective law firm website design is having a placement of content that is proper and thus very important, and you can have this with a well organized content and clear call to action. Content here means anything that is not just visual but also would refer to copy in blog posts, press stories, attorney profiles and scripted video too.

Rules of design like keeping your text to a minimum, sentences used are short and simple, not using vocabulary, and breaking up big blocks of text through white space, can be followed.