Tips for packing smartly while traveling

Intelligent packing is the need of the day for every traveller. Messy packing can turn your trip into the biggest tragedy of your life. Your luggage can be real trouble if you don’t pack compact. Lousy packing can give you problems even during the security check in the airport. Are you wondering how to do smart packing?  Here are a few tips for smart packing.


Make a list

Say you are travelling by Bangalore to Goa flights to spend a chilled out holiday with your friends. Always make a list of everything you need to take. Mention everything from the most basic items like a toothbrush to the documents regarding your Bangalore to Goa flights. Always have the habit of putting a tick mark on the thing you packed, once you put it in your bag. This way, you will not forget anything.


Roll your clothes

It is advisable to roll your clothes than folding it. Rolling takes lesser time and also occupies less space. The clothes also do not get spoiled when you roll them.


Check your airline baggage policy

Different airlines have different baggage policies. A certain fee is charged by the airlines on the extra luggage you carry above a certain limit. So, check the baggage policy of your Bangalore to Goa flights. Pack your luggage accordingly. Most importantly, remember to weigh your baggage at home before you leave for the airport.


Carry all your essentials.

Remember to carry all your essentials like sunscreen lotion, swimsuit, bathing suit, flip-flops, all your medicines, etc. Remember to carry them only if they are absolutely essential. For instance, you do need to wear your best clothes during the trip, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to carry the entire wardrobe. You can always avoid too many cosmetics. You can carry small sachets of your shampoo and conditioner rather than carrying the whole big bottle.


Bring a few extra bags

It is always advisable to carry a few extra bags with you. You may have to carry dirty clothes or something which you bought from the place you visited. Thus, to accommodate all of them, carry one or two extra bags with you.


Wear the bulkiest

You may have some very bulky jeans with you that looks very good on you. You might not want to leave it at home because it is cumbersome. At that time, the best thing you could do is, wear the bulkiest clothes you have. The bag will become lighter.


Keep your liquids separately

Always keep the liquids separately. This will save your things getting wet due to leaking hair oil bottles or damaged shampoo bottles. You can always carry liquids in separate plastic bags and put it in your suitcase.


Carry food items separately

Even food items can spoil your clothes. The oil in the food can get your clothes stained. Your clothes may also become smelly due to the food items in the suitcase. So, always remember to carry food separately.


So, friends, those were some tips you can keep handy while you pack for your tour. Follow them and have a comfortable journey.