West African Cuisine

When visiting a continent as various and as wealthy in tradition as Africa, one can solely count on to have a singular culinary expertise. Botswana delicacies is exclusive but also shares some characteristics with other cuisine of Southern Africa Examples of Botswana meals embrace pap , samp , vetkoek and mopane worms A food unique to Botswana consists of seswaa , heavily salted mashed-up meat.

A choice of soups that may very well be served with fufu contains however not limited to: mild (tomato) soup, Palm Nut Soup , groundnut soup , peppersoup , 2 and different sorts of soups with greens reminiscent of okra, nkontomire (cocoyam leaves).

Senegalese cuisine has been influenced by nations like France, Portugal, and people of North Africa, and likewise by many ethnic teams, the largest being the Wolof ; Islam, which first penetrated the region in the eleventh century; and numerous European cultures, especially the French, who held the country as a colony till 1960.

Nevertheless, as far as it’s known, it was European explorers and slaves ships who brought chili peppers and tomatoes from the New World, and each have grow to be ubiquitous components of West African cuisines, along with peanuts , corn , cassava , and plantains In flip, these slave ships carried African substances to the New World, including black-eyed peas and okra Around the time of the colonial period , significantly through the Scramble for Africa , the European settlers defined colonial borders with out regard to pre-existing borders, territories or cultural differences.african cuisineafrican cuisine

As we speak, most urban dwellers buy beer manufactured by industrial breweries that make beer that is like beer one would purchase in Europe and America, however rural individuals and up to date immigrants to town still benefit from the cloudy, unfiltered traditional beer.