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Very good protection is necessary for kickboxing bearing in mind it is a sport that carries many a risk. The kickboxing equipment being used will determine how well protected the kickboxer is. A gym with the protective best gear can easily be regarded as being the safest. Parts of the body that need protection in kickboxing are the head, hands and legs. Discussed in length below is a list of some equipment necessary when opening a kickboxing gym.

One of the first things that one needs to have in their kickboxing gym is the boxing gloves. There are two types of gloves in kickboxing namely the bag and the sparring gloves. The bag gloves are usually worn by kickboxers during the training sessions whereby sandbags are used whereas in cases that involve actually kickboxing, the sparring gloves come in handy. Any gloves that are purchased either for training or for actual boxing should always offer protection for both the wearer and the person receiving the punches. The making materials should also be strong enough to last long.

Next to the boxing gloves, we also have the headgear. These reduce the force of kick or punches to the face or head. The best quality for this type of tackle is that it should not be overly heavy but light enough for the kickboxer to be comfortable in it.

In a kickboxing gym, there is also a need to have a mouth guard as one of the must-have protective gear. To prevent injuries from occurring in the chin and the cheek region of the kickboxer, this mouth guard should always be worn. A good mouth guard should be easy to put on, offer good protection and easy to sterilize.

Kickboxing involves a lot of kicking too, both in the upper body parts and the legs. For the protection of the legs, therefore, kickboxers should always have shin guards in place at all times they are in the gym. The kickboxers, ought to consider the fact that the shin guards are meant for defense purposes and are thus more suitable for actual kickboxing matches unlike for individual training sessions. A good shin guard should absorb as much shock as practically possible. They also should be light enough not to prevent free movement of the legs.

The other kind of a kickboxing gear that we should look into is the ankle supporters. These are useful for protecting the kickboxer’s ankle in both the training as well as the actual kickboxing matches. To evade this, ankle supporters are worn at all times. They can be used with clinical bandages to add more protection to the player.

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