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Choose the Best Fishing Rod

A fishing rod can be described as a flexible and long rod used to catch fish.A fishing rod in simple terms is a pole or stick which has a line ending in a hook.Fishing rods come in different lengths, configurations, and sizes all which are influenced by the type of situation they are to be used for.Different types of fishing rods are designed for different types of fishing.

There are plenty of types of fishing rods which include spinning rods, fly rods, surf rods, sea rods, ice rods, carbon fiber rods, casting rods, trolling rods, ultra-light rods among others.

Float fishing rods are the ones usually used for match fishing and also general fishing.Float fishing rods are usually long since float fishing requires a lot of slack line between the hook and the angler.Float rods are usually mainly tied with high frame and small guides to keep them away from the rod blank to allow them to run smoothly.

Ultra-light rods are good with catching small fish species.They are more sporty as they have small lures and light fishing lines.Sea rods, as the name suggests, are for use in the sea.Sea rods are long, extremely thick and have heavy handles.

For surf casting rods, long grip handles which are intended for two-handed casting methods.Trolling is a fishing method where the bait is cast in the moving water.Trolling rods are generally made to be long and heavily built.Thin and flexible rods are used for fly rods in which “artificial “fly is cast.

Some of the components of a fishing rod include the grip or handle, trigger seat, real seat, ferrules.Grip components are materials such as cork, foam or sometimes wood which provide comfort while casting and reeling in a fish.A number of grips are cork grips, foam grips and pistol grips.

Reels are the cylinders on which fishing lines are wound.Spinning reels, spin casting reels, baitcasting reels and fly casting reels are different types of reels.Spinning reels are popular since they allow long casts with light bait and are relatively cheaper than other reels.The spool of a spin casting reel is stationary which distinguishes it from a spin reel whose reel is movable.For bait casting reel, the spool sits in a perpendicular way to the rod other than parallel.The reels in fly casting are lighter and the rod itself is light and flexible since casting would be much difficult if it were heavy.

By considering the types of waters for fishing there are fresh and sea water rods like fiberglass rods, bamboo, and graphite rods.

What Research About Gear Can Teach You

What Research About Gear Can Teach You